Robert Hall

Whenever I see the old references to Robert Hall at various “remember this” Facebook pages, two things come to mind. First, the jingle

“School bells ring and children sing,

it’s back to Robert Hall again.

Mother knows for better clothes,

it’s back to Robert Hall again.”

How many of us remember hearing that from the tinny speakers of an 8” or 10”, or perhaps even 12” TV? And hating it!

I certainly did, for despite the fact that it signaled the coming of fall (and I do so love the autumn), hearing it also meant that the school year — which for me was at CM Bardwell school — was imminent.

In The Day Calendar, Part One, I recall the thoughts and emotions of the last day of school each year, which along with Christmas was one of the year’s best days. Returning to school at summer’s end evoked, to put it mildly, what was then, and in memory is now, the Yin to that Yang.

The second thing I recall is a scene from somewhat later television in which Arthur Carlson, for some reason, grabbed Venus Flytrap by the arm of his jacket. Venus in response snatched his arm away, brushing and smoothing the fabric, and exclaiming, “Hey, watch it. This ain’t no Robert Hall”.

Funny, after all these years, the things that stick in our minds.

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