To download the PDF list of my “Soundtrack”  Click Here

I started writing this memoir for myself, to try to capture memories as I age. I have since decided to share these stories because I’ve come to believe that while some of the details may differ, many of us have had the same overall experiences growing up in the 1950s, and perhaps into the 60s, as well. So I thought I’d also share how “The Day Calendar” came about. The first step, a few years ago now, was my decision to list, gather, and to record, all of the songs which had some significance in my life. My favorites, of course, but also some not necessarily good songs, and some, looking back, not as good as I thought they were at the time. But songs that meant something, that evoked a memory, that took me back.

As I made my list, and gathered vinyl in several sizes, and cassettes, and CDs, and finally downloads, the memories did come flooding back, and I felt compelled to attempt to tell the story of my life. Many of the memories I’ve documented are not the direct result of hearing an old song, of course, but I wouldn’t have gotten started at all without my list.

For those who may be interested, I am placing a PDF of my list of songs, which I refer to as my “soundtrack”, which you may view and/or download (by saving the file).

Some may notice exceptions to the strict chronology of the list. This is because I associate some with times other than when they were on the charts. An example: “… A Summer Place” was a number one song in 1960, by I recall it as the last song of the night at every YMCA Friday Night Dance in the early ‘60s.