Being Retired

After moving from Milwaukee, and renting a small house, I am settling into being an elderly retired person. I have TVs in three locations, each connected to the cable and the recorded shows queue. Two have Blu-Ray players attached. My “Office”, which shares space with my bedroom (where a nap may be had) has computer, printers, and necessary equipment. On the computer are various projects — for the company for which I am still doing some work (which is enjoyable, and more like a hobby), and things that I am writing, and photos to sort, or process, or print. Plus all of the usual stuff, as well.

If I get up to heat up my coffee, or make some more, I may take time to check the mail, or wander into my little workroom, where other projects await my attention. I may rather step outside to see if the flowers or the tomatoes need tending. Or a few steps further to the garage where the velocipede (bicycle to you) is parked.

The point of this ramble is that, at any given moment, I am doing precisely what I choose to do. And that, I think, is the very definition of being retired.


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