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This book is a memoir. A tale of growing up as a “baby boomer” in Aurora, Illinois, and of my experiences in those times which now seem to have come, and gone, so quickly.

From the distance of now more than 60 years, much of my childhood, and beyond, is a hodgepodge of clear, and sometimes not so clear, recollections. As with most people I suppose, music is a powerful memory trigger, and so, as I gathered and wrote these recollections, I occasionally referenced the music and the songs of which I was fond at the time, and which brought back to me many of the memories I offer here.

All through my adolescence and well beyond, I, like most of my peers, was dedicated to popular music, experienced mostly through the speakers of a portable record player, or an AM radio – often in the dashboard of a car, or from a transistor radio pressed to my ear.

But even in early childhood, music was everywhere, from my mother’s phonograph console, to the large Philco radio in the den, to the variety shows and Your Hit Parade on early TV. So, even in childhood, the music of the adult world was mine as well.

It seems only fitting, therefore, that I begin this memoir with lines from a very popular song, which I recall from my ninth year – “Moments to Remember” by the Four Lads:

“Though summer turns to winter

And the present disappears

The laughter we were glad to share

Will echo through the years

When other nights and other days

May find us gone our separate ways

We will have these moments to remember”

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