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Sitting around on a grey day, thinking. Musing, one might say, I recalled something about the movie Titanic which has bothered me ever since I first saw it.

The central female character, Rose – known to some as “Grandma” – reunites at the end of the film with little Leonardo, whom she knew many years prior – aboard the ill-fated ship – for all of several days.

When she passed on, the filmmaker made the point of panning her photos, showing that after surviving the sinking, she went on to an adventurous, long, and full, life; riding horses, and flying aeroplanes, and such, as well as having children, and grandchildren.

So when she passed on, to the grand reunion, where the hell was Grandpa?

Protesting Protests

I am writing this post adhering to what I call the “Russ Rule”. That is, as my friend Russ has advised, to not prowl the Internet finding clever graphics and bumper sticker slogans with which we agree, and sharing them. As Russ has said, “we can find those things for ourselves. Give us rather your own thoughts”. I’m attempting herein to do just that.

The current hullabaloo over NFL players not standing for the national anthem, and thus damaging the standing of the league, and those players, in the eyes of many, was started by Colin Kaepernick. His stated purpose, which to my knowledge is not changed, is to protest abuse, and murder, of innocent African-Americans, by evil police.

Were Kaepernick’s view a representation of reality, I might also be tempted to not stand for the national anthem, and the flag, of a country in which such a thing were allowed. But, and a big but indeed, is that that belief is based on a false narrative. One proven repeatedly to simply not be true. Colin Kaepernick, in my opinion is a dupe, without enough talent to again be hired by an NFL team, he retains his relevance in the Kardashian fashion by simply being famous for being famous.

As for today’s crop of “activists”, they refuse to stand for the anthem under the banner of the vague, undefined, and mostly misunderstood “Social Justice”. Doing so they in fact achieve the one thing which they say they are not doing, and don’t intend, disrespecting the anthem, and by extension the flag, the nation, the military, law enforcement, and in fact all of the citizens who make and have made this country great.

I say undefined and misunderstood because when asked, any one of these protesters will offer an explanation which says virtually nothing. Standing for social justice they say, as if that alone says it all.

I think it is well to note that when the NFL players take the field, the lowest paid among them is paid $465,000 per year, to mostly sit on the bench. They all have degrees (largely in fields of study such as Physical Education Theory, and such) from fine universities, where tutors walked them through classes to assure their eligibility to play football. I’m still searching for the social justice.

This rant may piss off a few of my friends, but under the flag to which I pledge allegiance I have as much right as any other to voice my opinion.